As autumn winds begin bellowing down street corridors and the familiar chill of fall descends upon us, we come together over a warm fire, good company, and food that soothes the soul.  This vegetable stew will help you power through the coming cold, the jerk sauce imparts a flavor you never knew was missing, but once you’ve had it you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

A cheesy bread, and a strong spirit complement and elevate this dish.

With this recipe, a little bit goes a long way.  The rich enzyme profile within our Jamaican Jerk Sauce helps steak reach a new level of tenderness and juiciness.  While this will add a small degree of jerk flavoring to the steak, the major result is simply a better cooked, better tasting cut of beef.

This meal pairs perfectly with some oven roasted asparagus (lightly seasoned with olive oil and cracked sea salt), roasted red potatoes (mashed with fresh mozzarella cheese), and a rich red wine (the leaner the steak, the lighter the red wine you can use).

Nothing quite helps you ease through the warm summer months like some expertly barbecued chicken wings.  These wings have a sweetness coupled with a kick that’s sure to wake you up on those lazy Saturdays.

Wings and fries go together like peanut butter and jam, but we like to encourage a little out of the box thinking.  Wing’s are finger food, they pair well with other finger foods, personally we’re fans of any type of fried potato, but chips with guacamole, stuffed mushrooms, and jalapeno popper’s all make excellent partners to these wings.  With an ice cold beer and some watermelon, these are sure to bring the heat to your next summer cookout.