Every once in a while you make a side dish that simply eclipses the rest of the meal, our test kitchen happened to do just that the other week.  Today we’re bringing you guys yet another delicious way to sample our Jerk Marinade with some jerk seasoned fries. These spicy crispy hand cut fries are the perfect way to elevate a meal.

We truly mean it when we say that these fries make a great side and in the test kitchen we paired them with some slow cooked barbecue pulled pork and ice cold beers for a delicious and wholesome Friday night meal.

Looking to bring the heat to thanksgiving dinner?  Why not jerk your turk!  Now, we know we’re messing with tradition here, so we’re not telling  you to serve grandma jerked turkey.  But while you’re out there buying the biggest bird you can find, why not pick up a small cousin to go alongside them, after all, you certainly can’t have enough thanksgiving leftovers.


10/28  Jerk Shrimp

As autumn comes around and the weather begins to turn cold, we look forward to the holidays, the big dinners and bigger desserts.  To help balance that out, this jerk shrimp recipe will warm your stomach, without tightening your jeans.  It’s a quick and easy meal that can be prepared on the fly and will help you keep fit throughout this holiday season.

This shrimp pairs perfectly with a nice grain.  Both long-grain brown rice or couscous livens up the dish, especially with an added lemon slice.  Pair that with a dry white wine and you’ve got a well rounded and delicious meal prepared in under thirty minutes.